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Low-Level C-Programming

for Designers 2018

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The books ambition is to:

·        train both theoretical and practical use of the fundamental low-level C and tools

·        train basic real-time operating system (new from 2018)

·        train use of analog sensors and digital Bluetooth (connect to PC/Android) (new from 2018)


The training is done by walking systematically through entire designs together with adequate theory. The design tools used in the book are professional and free to download for education purpose. The training is done with the design tools and validated on a FPGA board (Field Programmable Gate Arrays).


The book can be order from Amazon, as an e-book or paper book.

The hardware board used in this book is DE10-Lite and produced by Terasic Inc, Taiwan. For more information see: .





Download the tools

Download the free tools (Lite Edition) from Intels

It takes some time!

Download HW configuration files





Manuals from Intel FPGA:

-      Nios II documentation

-      DE10-Lite manual etc.


-      Altera Wiki:

-      Altera Forum:

-      Welcome to website for Applied Electronics for Embedded Systems (in Swedish),


Figure 1: HW/SW learning flow for FPGA developer







First version of the website for the book



Updat the webpage



New version and hardware, only support DE10-lite. Also add on RTOS, Bluetooth and did a editing of the analog part with some examples of input from analog sensors


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